No Refash for me

Every year for spring cleaning, I would clear out old clothes from my wardrobe and have them donated to the Karung Guni. Unlike how it was in the past where the the Karung Guni will walk the blocks with his barang barang, I hardly see any of them over the years and now fliers will be distributed with the collection date for items that we’d want to have them donated or call-in for pick-ups.

For clothes that are rather new and never wore after bought as they don’t really fit, I’ll prefer to sell them off on Carousell to cut some losses. However, as it will require to take photo, bump up post, negotiate and meetup with buyers, sometimes it does takes a toll on me as I will need to rush between work and school at times.

For Refash, I have engaged with them few years ago whereby I vividly remembered that I have dropped off some of my pre-loved items at their outlet for sale. However, I couldn’t remember if I’ve received any proceeds from the sales or all items has been donated by them.

Nevertheless, I’ve decided to try out Refash once again, with two bags of clothes that I’ve hardly worn. One of the more expensive branded tops that I’ve bought cost about $80 which I’ve bought on impulse and realized that I does not fit me at all. Followed by the guidelines stated on the website, the process is simply to just bring down clothes to their stores and fill up the “cleanout application”, that’s it. Easy peasy!

To my surprise when filling up the “cleanup application” as I reach their stores to drop-off my clothes, it was stated with the terms and conditions below:

Average quotation per bag of accepted clothing will range between (but not limited to) $10-$30, depending on the quality and quantity of clothing (Offer price per accepted piece is $0.50 – $5)

Taking into consideration that Refash only accepts branded/boutique clothes (e.g. Love Bonito). Any of the on sales items can be sold at at least $10.

Unfortunately, as I’m in a rush to head somewhere else that I’m unable to bring the bags and ultimately I’d have recycled them, I have decided to accept the terms & conditions. The next day, I’ve I’ve received a quotation of $25 for all the items that I’ve brought. Oh well, I’ve since accepted the offer since it doesn’t make sense for me to spend more time and effort to collect a single piece of item and I’m particularly bothered with.

The experience was seemless, however I’d appreciate that the information could be more transparent. Last but not least, I’ve also a mental note to never sell new clothes to refash as its totally not worth it. Carousell will be a better options and it does not charge further 19% of the proceeds just for listing and sales of items.

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