Expenses – January 2020

Late 2019, I’ve made a switch to start tracking my expenses with Spendee that will automatically syncs with my bank to give me an overview of my financial status. So far I’m pretty much satisfied with it except for some bugs and issues when customising my transaction records.

For the first month of the year, I’ve overlooked on some of my the needs in my budgeting such as credit card fee and new clothes for work. As I’m currently using DBS Altitude card to earn points, I decide to pay for fee, even though I’ve been waived for my first year, to earn more DBS points that can be converted to miles in the future.

My transport fees has increased significantly as I’m making more trips to school via train and use grab while I’m rushing for time. I don’t often take cab and always try to use public transport instead. However, as I’ve recently changed job, being unfamiliar with the new environment, so far I’ve experienced twice for taking the wrong bus and cause me run late.

Total expenses for January is S$1,351.85. I am definitely looking to save up more and cut down unnecessary expenses next month.

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