Goodbye, Yun Nam Haircare

For years, I’ve been visiting Yun Nam Haircare to get my premature grey hair treatment that got way out of control as I studied through my university. It could be linked to genetically due to my family history and the immense stress that I’m under during that period of time.

I bought packages from Yun Nam though referral from relatives that have been customers with them for years. With that, I received slight discount but still pricy with few thousands of bucks thrown into.

Back then, when I first started out, I do find that my money was well worth, within 20+ treatment, I seen significant improvement to my hair quality and reduce in grey hair. Afterwards, I moved on to maintenance packages to make sure that premature grey hair don’t goes out of control or make a huge comebacks again.

However, as time goes, my service consultant left the branch to head for a newly setup branch at another location. As it was slightly further, i decide to just stay put with the new consultant and this is where everything goes down hill.

After she took up my case, my white hair came back significantly. I could be partly blamed by skipping some of my weekly maintenance due to tight work schedule. By the early last year, I was told that my hair got really out of control, back to the 40% ratio that I have to undergo treatment again, however instead of 20+ treatment, I am required to signup for 50+ packages to make sure that it’s fixed.

I agreed to the consultation then as I just want to get my hair problem fixed, however, I’m wrong. By the later half of the treatment, instead of focusing on treating my grey hair, they started to switch focus to my scalp issues with none of my family member is able to smell or see problem with it but Yun Nam Hair Care professional could.

They spent few session trying to coerce me on signing up another three thousand package which I finally fed up and logged an official complaint against the consultant. Then, she said that everything was just a misunderstanding, and she gift products in return as silent apology.

After the change of consultant, there have seen significant drop in their quality of service and treatment. As I first started treatment, my previous consultant explained every steps on what each product does and how it can help to reduce my grey hair overtime. However, after the change, the amount of product, such as essence, applied that was significantly lesser at the end of the session.

Also, sometimes unknown solution was applied without informing what it is unless you proactively asked. My trust level dropped significantly when they applied unknown solution to my hair/scalp and brought me to the consultation room straight after without cleaning/washing it. As one can imagine, it doesn’t look good with their machine that show detailed condition of the scalp.

When I questioned the consultant that bought me to the room why it got much worse when I have previously did another scan just few weeks back. They couldn’t provide an answer.

I was never a fussy client, so I don’t really do care who serviced me as long as the job is done right as I agreed that sometimes it hard working in a service sector. However, what I realised was that even though I always called in to book the time slot under my consultant, she never serviced me personally. Yet whenever she did, there will be problem and a trip to her consultation room (unless I cut her off while doing the treatment), and a conversation of worsen condition, to sign up package and increased in the cost of the package.

A fun fact, previously, my consultant causally mentioned that student have near to 50% discounted price, however since I’m a working professional, it would be more expensive. However, when I mentioned that I’m currently back to school, and should be able to qualified for student plan, she got stunned for a bit. By the next consultation, I checked again with her if there is student price for it, she changed her tone that my overall package price is much cheaper. 🙂

For the much cheaper package price, I’ve to pay more than five grand. Judging for no improvement in my condition and additional hair thinning complication that seems to raise, I see no reason to continue to be a carrot head. I can’t imagine to fork out the few grand every year for poor service and quality treatment.

With that price, I could properly head somewhere with professional trichology consultant and remembers my preference for warm water hair wash, perhaps the only request that I made each time.

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