About Me

Based in Singapore, I’ve started this blog to jot down my journey towards financial freedom. I’m believer of getting in the sweet spot of both FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) and instant gratification.

I do not have great financial knowledge and only started getting the hang of financial planning when I started to take on freelance project in school in 2015. As I graduated in 2016, I’ve initially set a goal for myself to reach 100K by 30, which I’ve accomplished by just before my 26 birth day. Then, decided change by goal to reach 1 million net-worth by 34, as a celebration for my 10th year in the workforce or adult hood.

My new goal seems impossible and still is, but I’ll never know if I have never tried.

Previously, I’ve embarked on my investment journey through POEMS SBP and have since closed my account shifted by funds to various Robo-Advisors (Stashaway, Autowealth, and Endowus) using Cash and SRS.

To track my progress, visit – https://uncontrollablethots.wordpress.com/goals-&-milestones/.