Light to Night Festival 2020

Visited the Light to Night Festival 2020 last Friday with my date to attend the a free concert performed by Arpeggione Quartet, with the theme of the Fantastic Worlds and Where to Find them. Unlike my date, I did not manage to recognize all the songs that they’ve performed but that did not prevent me from being indulge in their fantastic world.

I’ve set to learn violin and start re-practicing piano that I’ve since abandon years ago. After the watching their performance, I’m more sure that I’d want to learn it in the near future, however, instead of violin, I’m likely to dive into the world of viola than violin as I’m just so in love the the sound it produce.

Art Skins on Monuments – Light to Night 2020

As we got out of the Victoria Concert hall, we have seen arts projected onto the building bringing new look and life to the look and feel of Victoria Concert hall. Though, I’m not able to fully appreciate the different genre of arts, I do able to appreciate all the pop-up stalls that sold handmade items with food and drinks available for some relaxation. Definitely love to rest on the bean bags available if it wasn’t so popular and fully taken 😦

Floating City – Light to Night 2020

Other than the concerts, there are many highlight for the event and one that both my date and I particularly liked was the Floating City display by Nipek and KNOTS. The colour hue will constantly be changing from blue to purple vice versa. Using projectors installed at the bottom of the installed display to project lights back to the ceiling to create the lights and shapes above. A really pretty and awesome set of display.

Optical Maze – Light to Night 2020

Not to forget the Optical Maze that is displayed right outside the Padang that brings lights and vibrant to the night. Though, I’m still quite puzzled why it’s named as a “Maze”, perhaps due to the mirrored words shown on top of the display. As I’m unable to make out the words and wasn’t bothered enough to try deciphering each letter one by one, my loss to not able to find out the hidden phrase for the Optical Maze.